July Blues Square Photo Challenge

The Life of B: Mainly through the lens of a Nikon has issued a square photo challenge series. Because I just have a baby blog, I’m coming into this challenge kind of late but… I don’t care! It sounds fun!

The theme for July is ‘blue‘, and as always it is totally up to you how you interpret the square theme but here are my suggestions for how we might stay connected on our square adventures this month.

Your photographic square could be a ‘Bolt from the Blue’ – something unexpected or surprising

Alternatively why not explore ‘Into the wide blue yonder‘ – sky, sea or maybe a location that is appealingly unknown and mysterious

Or if you prefer keep it simple with ‘Blue‘ – whether that’s azure, cobalt, sapphire, cerulean, navy, ultramarine, indigo, or turquoise

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous try to combine two of these, or maybe even all three!

Whatever you decide to do, please remember there is a rule if you want to part of the Square Gang and be sure your squares make into the gallery.

Your main photograph must be square!

Hopefully you can join me in posting daily but if daily is too difficult, then it is okay to post every other day, weekly or even just ‘once in a blue moon‘. As no matter how often you post I will include you in at least one blue gallery (well I will if you keep your photographs square!!).

Becky B ~ The Life of B

Whelp….. We’re 11 days in so I’m sure I will not catch up to the one a day challenge but…. I will post what I can, adding to this post as I go.

You in? I think you should! We might not be able to eat whatever we want to but… we can show everyone the world through our eyes!

Visit BeckyB’s blog to learn more! (Link in the quote.)

My favorite #Blue #JulySquares photo so far….. ❤ ~ Canal Park at dusk; Duluth, MN

All of my #blue #JulySquares photos so far ….. ❤

  • Abstract photo
  • A crowd at a convention with a recyclables container in the corner
  • A crowd at a conference
  • Man lays in bed playing XBox
  • Feet in the middle of a pedicure mask treatment
  • Bride with a pink dress and blue hair
  • Stele of Thonis-Heracleion, 380 BCE - Black Granodiorite
  • Man holds hands with his infant son
  • Girl with a blue streak in her hair and a blue coat
  • Cirque Du Soleil Corteo Stage Curtain
  • Man sitting on a cliff with rock climbers in the background
  • Couple sleeps curled up together
  • A tree and building ruins on a lakeshore at dusk
  1. When you try to sneak shoot a photo of your husband (who hates having his picture taken) and he flashes an LED flashlight just as you shoot, you get a beautiful abstract picture documenting your interaction.
  2. I snapped this picture of colleagues during a recent work conference. For some reason, everyone was randomly wearing blue.
  3. Seriously, literally everyone was in shades of blue.
  4. A successful sneak photo of my husband (who hates having his picture taken). He is lying on our blue sheets in our blue bedroom feeling blue and playing Xbox.
  5. A blue towel and a blue moisturizing mask treatment during a pedicure at Blue Moon Nail Salon.
  6. The bride wore pink – and a copper wire headpiece – to highlight her blue pixie cut hair. (My niece.)
  7. Stele of Thonis-Heracleion as seen in the Egypt’s Sunken Cities Exhibition
  8. My stepson holding hands with his infant son.
  9. My daughter in her blue coat at the strip mall.
  10. The stage curtain for Cirque Du Soleil’s show, Corteo.
  11. My husband sitting on Palisade Head – 300 feet above Lake Superior – while rock climbers do their thing in the distance.
  12. My husband napping with me as I sleep off anesthesia from a surgery.
  13. Canal Park at dusk; Duluth MN
  14. I worked all day and the most interesting thing I did was take a lunch break. This is the wall if our break room – blue with birch tree silhouettes.
  15. It is brutally hot out so …. what could be better than a late night ice cream run?
  16. Another work day. I was working down in the archives where we store our elections precinct supplies.
  17. I spent the morning in a meeting at the Secretary of State’s office in the State Capitol Complex. While I was there, I took the best picture of the State Capital for this post. Unfortunately, by the time I’d parked my car and walked to the place I wanted to take a picture, the brilliant blue sky serving as a backdrop for the building had become obscured by a cloud, leaving only the tiniest bit of blue in the frame. (Rejected picture underneath this list.) I’d taken the photo standing on the tracks for the light rail (which comes every 15 minutes). I couldn’t stand there and wait for the cloud to go away. So….. I proceeded to my meeting and took this instead just outside the Secretary’s office. The cloud was gone and the brilliant sky was back – projecting boxes of blue on the hallway floor.
  18. Flags along Wabasha Street, crossing the Mississippi River.
  19. Mississippi River – Bridges
  20. Mississippi River – Bridges and Boats
  21. On Wabasha Street looking downtown
  22. “Little boxes on the hillside; Little boxes all the same. ….. There’s a blue one….”

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